Cl.Over the Last Decade Nizar ' the Hunter ' Taleb has been a moving force in Kickboxing and Martial Arts.

Starting out in relative obscurity, Nizar Taleb catapulated to world prominence in the end-1990s when he became a world champion kick boxer 1998.

As a kickboxer, he traveled from country to country, challenging national and international champions to bout after bout, always with the same result: winner, Nizar 'the Hunter' Taleb. During his years as kick boxer, Sensi Nizar carried a perfect won-lost record. Nizar 'the Hunter' Taleb fighting record stand at 63 wins 12 with knock out and 3 losses only.

But more than that-more than the acclaim as a champion kickboxer, - Sensi Nizar is and always has been an international teacher and referee.

Nizar 'the Hunter' Taleb is retired from the ring and devoted time to the martial arts teaching.